Hear Our Story- Customers at Tidewater Diamond

You’re in good company. Here are a few of the customers at Tidewater Diamond. You may be just like one of our current customers. Hear their stories and decide for yourself. No matter the amount of business you do with us, you are important to our success. We’re proud of the work we’ve done for all of our customers and look forward to adding you to the growing group of happy customers at Tidewater Diamond.

Meet the Customers at Tidewater Diamond

Meet Justin & Rachael-

Meet Marie-

Engagement Ring customers at Tidewater Diamond Jewelry Repair customer at Tidewater Diamond
Hear Justin & Rachael’s Story Hear Marie’s Story

Justin & Rachael on their Beautiful Wedding Day customers at Tidewater Diamond
Justin & Rachael on their Beautiful Wedding Day

Marie and her Daughters
Marie with her Daughters

If you would like to be added to our featured customers please contact us at 757-548-1258 or email us at info@tidewaterdiamond.com. Thank you to all the customers that have already shared their stories with us. You are appreciated and we will do our best to continue to provide you with the excellent service that won you over in the first place. Thank you for your business.