when to sell gold buy gold invest in gold

How do you know when it is the Right Time to Sell Your Gold?

when to sell gold buy gold invest in gold right time to sell goldThe Gold market is all over the place. In the last Ten Years we have seen gold go from around $450 an ounce to $1800 an ounce and back down under $1200 an ounce. If you were one of the lucky ones, you bought your gold in 2005 and sold at the end of 2011. You bought a mere 3 oz of gold @ $450 an ounce and then sold them @ $1800 an ounce. What cost you $1350 you could have sold for $5400 and have made $4050 profit. That is if you were one of the lucky ones that bought gold, had it since then, and sold it at the right time.


Times have changed. Gold is not a get rich quick investment any more. Gold is still a good investment and has proven to be so long term.

Since 2013 Gold has been on a Downward Trend, So is now the Right Time to Sell Gold?

1. Yes, if you have broken or unwanted scrap gold. Jewelry that you no longer wear, pieces that are more expensive to repair than what you paid for them, engagement rings from a divorce, etc.

2. Yes, if you have coins or bars that you bought as an investment and paid less for them than what they are worth today.

3. Yes, if you have inherited gold from an estate. Laws are only getting worse when it comes to moneys earned from an estate.

4. Maybe, if you have a need for some extra money. Your jewelry may be worth more than you think right now.

5. Maybe, if you bought gold as an investment when it was really high and you are upside down on it but want the cash back for short term gains.

6. No, if you bought gold as an investment when it was really high and you are upside down on it if you can wait for the market to return.

7. No, if your gold is worth more than any price that can be but on it. Money can’t replace grandma’s heirloom ring.

So is now the time to sell your gold. Ask yourself, Do you want to wait and see or do you want to know that you are getting a fair price for your gold based on today’s market. Call Tidewater Diamond today and set an appointment for a free quote on your gold. Or visit us at 200 Battlefield Blvd N #3 in Chesapeake, VA. Walk-ins are always welcome.


Trends- Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black Diamond Engagement Rings are gaining popularity. They are mostly found in white gold giving you a black and white look but you can find them in some cases in other metals. These rings usually have 1/2 carat to a 1 carat center stone.

The cut of choice is a round diamond. The round diamond allows for good durability. You can also find these with a rose cut diamond. A rose cut diamond is similar to a round but has a pretty crown that really accents the beauty of a black diamond. You can find them with or without halos.

They are found in traditional, antique, and modern settings, with antique styles being the most popular. Designers like Romance have a few engagement rings devoted to this trend. With the gained popularity of all colored diamonds do not be afraid when you are looking at diamonds and engagement rings to ask for this beautiful dark and shiny black gemstone.

One other note about black diamonds. There are other gemstones out there that can give you a similar look like black onyx and jet. Just remember that these gemstones will not be as durable and with have less luster. Jet a popular gemstone from the past is not as popular now and most jewelers will not know about the gemstone. Jet is an organic gemstone originating from decaying wood under extreme pressure. 

If you are looking for something new and trendy or just trying to connect with the jet jewelry of the past, a black diamond engagement ring might just be in your future.