Antique and Estate Jewelry

antique and estate jewelryEdwardian pin Diamonds and platinumAt Tidewater Diamond you will find hundreds of truly unique pieces. Are you looking for a piece with history or a piece that speaks to your style? Visit us today in Chesapeake. We have one of the largest selections of antique and estate jewelry. You will find vintage designs in several categories. Do you want a Victorian engagement ring, a Edwardian Pin, or beautiful classic style that has lasted through the ages? Browse gold, platinum, gold plated, and silver pieces from decades past.

Antique Jewelry-

A piece of jewelry that is over 100 years old. This term is reserved for pieces that were actually produced over 100 years ago

Vintage Jewelry-

Jewelry that represents a style of an era. These are either period pieces from style eras such as Edwardian, Victorian, or Art-Deco. These may also be new pieces that represent the styling of those eras.

Estate Jewelry-

Jewelry that is previously owned. These are not necessarily old pieces. These may be from older eras but the term does not exclude current styles.

Georgian Jewelry

Circa 1714-1837. Opulent and regal. Early styles were ornate while later styles ranged from Neoclassical to Gothic. Georgian jewelry is extremely rare today.

Victorian Jewelry

Circa 1837-1901. Named for Queen Victoria of England. Jewelry from the era is as exquisite as it is varied, reflecting Victoria’s changing tastes.

Art Nouveau Jewelry

Circa 1890-1910. Soft and mystical. Art Nouveau jewelers, thinking of themselves as artists, took extra care to craft beautiful settings.

Edwardian Jewelry

Circa 1901-1920. Graceful and elegant. In the Edwardian era, jewelers used filigree techniques to give their jewelry a wonderfully lacy look.

Art Deco Jewelry

Circa 1920-1930. Stylish and fun. Bright colors and geometric patterns expressed the confident and free-thinking tenor of the Roaring 1920s.

Retro Jewelry

Circa 1930s-1950. Bold and dazzling. With Hollywood in its golden age, jewelry became bigger, almost larger-than-life.