Wedding Bands

Wedding bands show an eternal love. You want a wedding band that will last as long as your love. Tidewater Diamond offers a wide selection of wedding bands. You can purchase a wedding band with a classic design or find a  contemporary style. Our wedding bands are available in silver, gold, palladium, platinum, and alternative metals. You can also get a matching band for your engagement ring. Diamond bands and plain band styles are also available. And if you can’t find just the right band we will custom make a band of you!


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Here are some important terms to help with your search for the right wedding bands.

  • Finger Size– This is based on the inside diameter of the ring. You can get your finger sized anytime at our store.
  • Width– Usually given in millimeters, this is the distance from the base of the finger outward to the tip of the finger. The wider the band the more of your finger will be covered.
  • Karat– Gold purity is measured in Karat. The pure gold content.
    • 24 Karat– This is 24/24 parts pure or 99.9% also called pure or fine gold
    • 18 Karat– This is 18/24 parts pure or 75%. This may also be marked as 750
    • 14 Karat– This is 14/24 parts pure or 58%. This may also be marked as 585
    • 10 Karat– This is 10/24 parts pure or 41%. This may also be marked as 417
    • Gold Colors
      • Yellow
      • White
      • Rose
      • Green
  • Contemporary Metals– Lower cost options. These bands cannot be size. They are also all hypo-allergenic. They include:
    • Titanium– Gray Color that is lightweight and shatterproof. This will show scratches and can be refinished.
    • Cobalt– White Color that is Shatterproof. This will show scratched and can be refinished.
    • Tungsten– Gray White, or Black (topcoat) Color that is heavy. It can fracture and break. This will not show scratches and needs no maintenance.
    • Ceramic– Black, White, or Pink (throughout) Color that is lightweight. It can break. This will not scratch and it maintains its finish.
    • Stainless Steel– Grayish White Color that is shatterproof. Will show scratched and can be refinished.
  • Eternity Band– This is a ring that has diamonds on it. The diamond are set evenly around the entire ring.
  • Anniversary Band– This term is just another name for a diamond band.
  • Comfort Fit– This is when the inside of the ring is rounded making the ring more comfortable to wear.
  • Half Round– This is when the band is rounded on the outside of the ring but is flat on the inside of the ring.
  • Flat– When both the outside of the ring and the inside of the ring are flat. This is also call pipe-cut.
  • Knife Edge– This is when the top of the ring has a ridge in the middle that goes all the way around the ring.
  • Edge– This is when the ring has a distinct edge and center this is usually when there are two different finishes to the ring.
  • Scooped– This ring is scooped out in the inside of the ring this has the appearance of a half round band but in not solid and has a hollow inside.
  • Design Details

  • Finish