Charity Gold Events

Chirty Gold Heart and handsTidewater Diamond Fine Jewelers is a locally owned and operated jeweler in Chesapeake. We believe as a small company that we should give back to our community. We have been involved with local charities to help them accomplish their mission.

The Tidewater / Hampton Roads area has many great charity organizations. If you are a part of one of those organizations or you would like to find ways to help the local community we are here to help. We will work with anyone that has a great cause and can organize an event with our help. We are interested in working with schools, churches, non-profits, and other charities.

How Charity Gold Events work

Raise money for your Charity and put money in the pockets of your supporters. Your supporters will receive money for their gold. We will then give your Charity 10%. Easy.


First, you must have a charity with a great cause. Second, you need to have a passion to help them. And lastly, simply gather your friends and family for an event where they can help you raise money for your cause. The events are held at our Chesapeake location and can be promoted in two ways.

The first and most popular is a week long event.  Your supporters only need to mention your charity or they can bring in a flyer about the event. This will happen during normal business hours for the full week. After the week is over we will add up the amount paid for the items sold and we will write you a check.

The second is a fun and interactive party after hours. Contact our event coordinator and schedule a time four your event after hours. We will give you access to the building and provide you with enough staff to help set up before the event. This is an invitation only event and we total up the amount raised for the charity and present you a check. This will allow you time to celebrate with your supporters.

We buy gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and coins. Each person that attends the event will be given a quote for their items. That will be theirs to keep or they may donate a portion or the full amount to your charity. Tidewater Diamond will then Donate 10% of the total gold purchase to your charity.

Charity gold 5 supporters $250 raisedExample: You have 5 people attend your charity gold event. Those 5 people sell an average of $500 in gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and coins. Total purchased is $2500. Your Charity raised $250. That means each person helped with a donation of $50 and maybe more if they chose to donate their entire offer. Potentially earning up to $2750 for your Charity.

You can calculate this in reverse also. We know that 50% of the people that you invite will come. 80% of the people that come well sell there gold. The average sale is $500. So if you want to raise $500 for your organization. $500 is 10% of $5000 in sales. You will need 10 people to sell there gold. If 80% of the people that come sell you will need 13 people to attend. And if you want 13 people to come you will need to invite 26 people. Most organizations will find it easy to invite 26 people.

We are here to help. We will use all of our resources to help make your event a success. We will use social media like Facebook to advertise your event. We currently have over 3,000 likes on Facebook. We will also mention you event to our customers if you are doing a week long event. We will mention to all gold sellers before they sell their gold and give them the option to help.