Gold Parties

3 Girls at a party gold partiesWant to earn some extra cash? Do you have gold to Sell? Do you have friends and family that want to get more for their gold? Do you like hosting parties?

We are a locally owned and operated jeweler and precious metals dealer in Chesapeake. We offer gold parties at our Chesapeake jewelry store. You can earn some extra cash for your precious metals and diamonds. You and your friends and family will receive a strong offer for your items at the gold party. Then you will receive an extra 10% of all the gold that is sold at the party.

How Gold Parties Work

Put money in the pockets of your friends and family. You will earn 10% of the total amount sold. Easy.

Gold parties are held after hours at our Chesapeake jewelry store. Choose a weeknight or weekend with our event coordinator. We buy gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and coins. Each person that attends the party will receive a quote for their items. They will then decide if they want to sell their items or not. Tidewater Diamond will then give you 10% of the total gold purchased.

Example: You have 5 people attend your gold party. Those 5 people sell an average of $500 in gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and coins. Total purchased is $2500. You earned $250. That means each person earned $500 for their unwanted items and you got $250 for hosting the party.

You can calculate this in reverse also. We know that 50% of the people that you invite will come. 80% of the people that come well sell their gold. The average sale is $500. So if you want to earn $500 for hosting the party. $500 is 10% of $5000 in sales. You will need 10 people to sell their gold. 80% of the people that come will sell. You will need 13 people to attend. To get 13 people to come you will need to invite 26 people. Control want you earn by spending the time to invite as many people as possible.

girl earn cash earning money gold partyHow to book your Gold Party

  • Call us at 757-548-1258.
  • Speak with our event coordinator and set a date for your party.
  • Invite all your friends and family.
  • Come to the store early to set up with our staff.
  • Then have an amazing profitable gold party.