Gemstone Cutting and Polishing

rough emeralds gemstone cutting and polishingGemstones are pieces of minerals. They are cut, carved, and faceted into beautiful pieces. There are also some organics like pearl, coral, jet, and amber that are considered gemstones. Tidewater Diamond offers Gemstone cutting and polishing. Do you want to facet a gemstone that you found on a vacation trip to a mine? Do you have an older ring where the gemstone is scratched, chipped, or worn? Get them cut by a professional gem cutter. Tidewater Diamond Fine Jewelers uses one of the areas premier gem cutters and polishers. Allow our gem cutter to bring out the inner beauty of your gemstone to life.

Over time even hard gemstones like sapphire can show wear. It does not shine like it did when you first got it. Gemstones as hard as Diamond can still chip and crack. Gemstone can be damaged in many ways. Most customers know that we can repair gold, silver, and even platinum jewelry. What most people forget about is repairing their damaged and worn gemstones.

A lapidary (or lapidarist) is an artisan who shapes stone, mineral, gemstones into stunning items. Engraved gems, including cameos, scarabs, and other ornamental items. They can create cabochons, and faceted designs. He or she is an expert in precious and semi precious gems. They are often collectors or dealers in the gemstone industry also.

Gemstone cutter gemstone cutting and polishingOur gem cutter has been involved in the industry for some time. Along with gemstone cutting and polishing he has a large collection of colored gemstones. If there is a rare or precious gemstone that you are looking for he probably has one available. Call us at 757-548-1258 to check pricing and availability.

Most lapidary work is done using tools like  diamond lap wheels, dop sticks, polishing compounds, and diamond powders up to 100,000 grit.

Steps for Gemstone Cutting and Polishing

  • Multcolored faceted and cut GemstonesEvaluate it under oils for flaws
  • Decide on shape
  • Preform it to the shape chosen
  • Layout each facet
  • Pre-polish the gemstone
  • Finish the gemstone with high polish

Shapes and Styles

  • Cabochon- Rounded top with flat bottom
  • Faceted- Multiple flat services
  • Inlay- Usually flat
  • Fantasy- combination of carved and faceted techniques

Faceted gemstones cuts and shapes