US gold and silver coins

How to Sell Gold Coins and Silver Coins

US gold and silver coins. Sell gold coinsIf you have coins to sell you are going to want to know some basic things about coins first. Here are some quick things to remember. Sell gold coins for top dollar.

Know the market

Most coins are sold for the Intrinsic Value (The value of the gold content in the coin). If you have a one ounce gold coin it is usually worth the value of one troy ounce of gold. This also works for silver coins as well.  The bid price (often called Spot Price) is used at the moment the coin is sold. Check the Market.

Know how coins are sold

Coins are sold to collectors and investors either one at a time or in bulk. When items are sold in bulk they are usually intrinsic coins. Intrinsic coins are often sold on low profit margins with higher bulk. Coins with Numismatic Value (Coins that have more value than the intrinsic value due to low mintage, rarity, low supply, or high demand) are often sold in low quantities for higher profits. Numismatic Coins also take longer to sell, finding the right buyer, and are often held from the market until in collections. When you sell coins you are selling to either a company that will sit on the coins until they are sold or a company that will sell them quickly. Retail coin shops rely on there coins for larger margins and will pay less for intrinsic coins to cover market fluctuations until the coins sell. We have a buyer for your coins before you leave the store. Since we can sell your coins immediately we will pay a higher percentage for your coins.

Know what you can get

For intrinsic silver, gold, and Platinum coins you can usually receive 80-95% of the market value of that metal. Example: If Gold is at $1200 an ounce you would receive $960-$1140 an ounce. The percentage will vary based on the volume of coins sold as well as the origin of the coin. US gold, silver, and platinum coins can be sold at higher values. This means you should receive more when they are sold. US gold and silver proofs are also more valuable. For these items with the original book and papers you could possible receive more than the spot price depending on the demand at the time. Numismatic coins are priced individually. Some common Numismatic US coins are Morgan Silver Dollars and Peace Silver Dollars. Contact Us

Junk Silver 90% Silver US CoinsList of Silver US Coin Dates

  • Halves, Quarters, and Dimes 1964 and before are 90% Silver
  • Kennedy Halves between 1965-1970 are 40% Silver
  • War Nickels Some 1942 and all 1943-1945 are 35% Silver

Common Terms

  • Spot- Bid price for gold, silver, or platinum
  • Intrinsic Value- The current value of the metal or value of the coin
  • Face Value- The actual spending value of the coins; Quarter= 25 cent, Dime= 10 cent, etc.
  • Numismatic Value- a value above the intrinsic value
  • ASW- Actual Silver Weight, the silver content of the coin usually in Troy ounces
  • AGW- Actual Gold Weight, the gold content of the coin usually in Troy ounces
  • .999- The marking used for .999% Silver or Gold