watchesToday many people rely on the use of other electronics to tell time. Watches are more than just a timepiece. They come in many style and offer state of the art features. At Tidewater Diamond Fine Jewelers in Cheaspeake you will find a large selection of watches, both new and pre-owned.

We offer Citizen Watches. They are famous for the never needs a battery Eco-Drive Watch. If you have ever had a watch that needed a battery you know that it is not easy to find the time to get it changed. Some times it can take days, weeks, or even longer. Citizen’s Eco-Drive is Fueled by light. Any light. A watch that never needs a battery. Citizen also offers some of the industries best features. They have a watch that works with your iPhone. They have atomic timekeeping features. There watches come with mineral or sapphire crystals to offer scratch resistance. For more information about watch features and styles view our Citizen Page or go to Citizen’s Official Website.


Getting a pre-owned watch is a great way to save money. We offer high end Swiss watches as well as Value watches. We make sure each watch is in working condition. Our pre-owned watches are hand selected. We only choose the best to include in our showcases.

If your watch needs repair we have a watch maker that can handle most repairs here locally. We will inspect your watch and take it in for a free estimate. We will then contact you with the needed repairs.